Still Life

Born in 1949, Peter Valentine has to date produced more than 1,000 documented works in
an extraordinary career spanning more than 50 years.


Peter's is a wide ranging talent.

He can also claim an influence that stretches far beyond the canon of his own work thanks to the hundreds of other artists he has taught and influenced.


Key to the Valentine magic is an engaging character and enormous empathy that makes him fascinating and fun simply to spend time with.

But it is his mastery of technique, clarity of thought, and the sheer diversity of the subject matter he has tackled, that enable him to pass on such a complete understanding as he guides others on their journey of artistic discovery.

His medium is usually oil.  But forget any notions of 'sameness' in his work.  He is as at home capturing the visceral reality of the human form as he is depicting the wild imaginings of a mind let loose in the ether.

Below is Peter's approach to Still Life (to see more of his work click here.)

WHI 11 00 273


Accurate attention is given to place, size and shape as the elements of the painting are put on the canvas during the drawing stage.

11 00 272


The paint use at this stage of the drawing process extends into tone to describe the form of the items in the composition.

WHI 11 00 271


The average local colour is blocked out in opaque layers.

This is the crucial stage beginners often omit for fear it looks childish, like a cartoon. They miss it out at their peril.

WHI 11 00 270


Details of shape, tone and colour are added: i.e. the more subtle aspects of the piece – the finishing touches.




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