Peter Valentine R.B.S.A.

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Peter Valentine R.B.S.A.

Learn how to capture the moment in series of tutorials by the extraordinary Midlands artist, Peter Valentine R.B.S.A.

Based in Derby, he is a prolific and highly successful oil painter working in a range of styles.

He is also a passionate mentor to those who seek to learn. His humour is as great as his views on art are uncompromising.

His students neither expect, nor receive, platitudes. His direct and firm guidance has turned out many a fine painter.

That is why the ‘Staffordshire Phoenix' is so pleased to bring you this series of Peter’s tutorials. We hope it might be the introduction that leads you to a lifetime of creativity.

Peter writes:

"A lot of people like the idea of being an artist. But they don't seem that keen on painting and drawing.

"But if they were as keen on understanding perception and depiction as they are on being perceived as artists they might get somewhere.

 "There are only five aspects to visual reality.  They are, ‘place’, ‘size’, ‘shape’, ‘colour’ and ‘tone’.

"And, since ‘tone’ is one of the three qualities that go to make up ‘colour’, there are in effect only four attributes to visual reality.

"Just four things to consider - how difficult can that be?

Step by step

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HRH: the image builds.

"Before adding the fine detail to your painting you must first ensure that the large shapes and tones are right.

"Overcome that hurdle and it makes it so much easier to put in the finishing touches correctly.

"You see, it is all about creating a pleasing and accurate context in which to place the details.

"Where people often go wrong is in trying to produce a finished painting without paying proper attention to going through the stages that are vital to building up to the completed image.

"This may be, either consciously, or sub-consciously, because they do not wish to appear incompetent.

"It is as though they fear criticism of their incomplete work.

Budding artists

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Beauty will out.

"And it is true that, done properly, a painting in its early stages can at first look like a complete mess to the uninitiated.

"But budding artists should always remind themselves that it is a fool who judges a work when it is only half done.

"One book correctly says about the opening phases of a painting: ‘If at any stage it looks right, it is wrong’.

"To put it another way, what you have on your canvas at the start of a painting will inevitably look wrong.

"I teach my students that they should make sure they start wrong in the right way."

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