Art of self-destruction – Trump has turned his paintbrush into a gun and is about to paint his foot off!

The US president’s ‘pardon’ sop to his supporters over convicted racist Arizonan Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a ‘soften-up’.

Donald is unlikely to care whether Arpaio lives or dies.

But he does want people to become used to ‘presidential pardons’ – because more are coming.

Trumpian cabal

The names ‘Trump’ and ‘Kushner’ will be cited on the paperwork.

Donald is terrified of special counsel Robert Mueller and his probe into Russian interference in last years American elections – and even more scared of an examination of his financial past.

So now the president is desperately fighting to protect his family cabal against court action that could destroy him too.

The damned

But his children, Ivanka and Donald Jnr., and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are in a legal trap.

The act of accepting a presidential pardon would in itself be an admission of guilt to the charge it aims to absolve.

Nor if pardoned can a recipient stay silent behind the US Constitution’s, ‘Fifth Amendment’, which gives people the right not to incriminate themselves.

And perjury charges would follow were the pardoned person to lie in Court.

Trump – a cornered beast

Trump’s sweeping lies and outrages paint pictures that keep his base fooled and everyone else baffled.

Mueller, however, is a clever art critic.

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