Issue 003: Tuesday’s astonishing Doghouse!

astonishing doghouse

Says it all: Sarah and Martin Ryan.

This month’s Doghouse folk night was tear-tinged triumph.

There was no escaping the sadness at seeing Martin Ryan and Stef Dziuba host their last event (March 7).

Yet no one could ever have wished for a better and more loving send off.

Astonishing Doghouse

The place was packed. The standard of the performances was off the scale.

And soprano Sarah Ryan’s stunning contribution and musical tribute to her father has given us a memory none of us will ever forget.

Report to follow in the Doghouse web and Facebook pages.

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3 thoughts on “Issue 003: Tuesday’s astonishing Doghouse!

  1. a wonderful evening we really enjoyed the whole event, even though it was like attending the end of a magical carnival ride.
    Martin and Stef and family’s I salute you all for the fun/laughter /happiness and welcome you have given us over the last 5 years. it’s going to be a hard act to follow but I for one will try to keep the doghouse club going we hope to see you all again soon
    love Jim and Margaret xxx

  2. Thanks to all dad and Stef’s loyal fans for helping him end on a high. What an amazing and emotional evening it was. I’m sure he will be back to entertain again as a floor singer in the new look Doghouse starting next month. We need him to keep those fingers moving! Good luck to all the new organisers who will be stepping up to keep this fantastic club going

  3. As you say it was a fantastic night and you worked hard with your video. It was also a sad night. Remembering the Moonshiners then Misty now just memories.

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