Whoopeeee! It’s Christmas Crime!

It’s Christmas Crime! And the county’s cops have been busy handing out surprises early.

christmas crime

Keeping the community safe.

Staffordshire’s bobbies zoomed off in their festive squad sleigh and mopped up a bulging sack of 80 wanted people.

Their yuletide ‘Operation Justice’ swept into action this morning (December 22).

Christmas crime catchers

A pine-scented tactical, road crime and dog support team linked up with local officers to track down suspects across the county.

Crimes the alleged Grinches had committed included threats to assault and kill, burglary and stealing people’s cars.

Bars humbug!

Suspects were also plucked like plums from a pudding for failing to appear at court after charge and breaching their release conditions. They were put in clink for Christmas.

Officers also took advantage of their day out to execute numerous drug warrants.

Superintendent Martin Brereton, said 67 of the 80 suspects dealt with found themselves being locked up.

Keeping you safe

He said the operation was about reassuring victims and helping to keep people safe throughout the year. 

People who wound up in Supt. Brereton’s festive selection box on the third day before Christmas included:

  • A man who breached his licence conditions
  • A chap who pinched a motorbike
  • A youth involved in burglary
  • A man who failed to pay for fuel (twice!)
  • And a serial shoplifter
  • Three people on drugs charges
  • Two more males for drugs offences
  • And a partridge that nicked a pear tree (not really!)

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