Please help people in our community facing hunger


It maybe the most important present you give this Christmas.

‘Phoenix’-area folk are asked to help put food on the tables of those in our community struggling with hunger.

The Trussell Trust says even the smallest donations can make a huge difference to people on the breadline.

The charity runs 400 food banks across the country supporting people in crisis.

Feed those in hunger

And they hope next week shoppers will find it in their hearts to give as much as they can to their Christmas ‘Neighbourhood Food Collection’.

From Thursday to Saturday (Dec 1-3), every Tesco store in the country will be helping teams from their local food banks gather in donations.

Many say it is a national scandal that hundreds of thousands of people are relying on food banks to stay alive in the world’s fifth richest economy.

Making matters worse

And it seems draconian laws and the coming cuts in welfare benefits are set to make things even worse.

Since 2012 the nation’s food banks have handed out more than 38 million meals to people in urgent need.

Tesco is playing a crucial role by topping up people’s donations with a 20 per cent financial contribution.

Tesco’s contribution

The cash is essential to meeting the food banks’ running costs and funding projects that tackle poverty.

Find out more about the Neighbourhood Food Collection by clicking here.

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