Search for Joshua ends in sadness

The search reported in the ‘Phoenix’ last month for a man from Stone seems to have come to a tragic end.

do not touch him

Remains found near the Trent and Mersey canal are believed to be those of Joshua Smith.

People looking for 27-year-old Joshua Smith this morning (November 19) discovered a body on a section of the Trent and Mersey canal, near the town.

The remains have been removed from the scene and the police are saying they believe them to be those of the missing man.


Officers are now carrying out enquiries on behalf of HM Coroner.

Joshua’s family have thanked everyone who has been involved in helping to find him.

Concern had been growing for the young man since he was picked up on CCTV, on October 25, at the cross roads of Lichfield Road and Uttoxeter Road.

People were urged to call for emergency medical support if they found him because of fears he had ingested some sort of harmful substance.



Spotted on CCTV.

Aircraft and search teams were drafted in to scour the countryside for Joshua, who was from the Aston area.

Requests were put out via the news and social media asking people to spread the word and widen the search.

Detective Inspector Alan Lyford said at the time everything possible was being done to locate and help Mr. Smith.

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