Burton – crooks go ape, who has ‘Kong’?

Crooks who went ape are on the run with a huge silverback gorilla swiped from a Burton store.


Pinched primate was modelled on a real ape, like Andrew here.

And now Staffordshire Police are hot on the trail of the massive primate and the monkeys who took him.

The thieves struck at a furniture store, on Hawkins Lane, between 12.40pm and 4.45pm, on Tuesday, November 8.

Going, going, Kong!

The resin model, which is exactly the same size as a real mountain gorilla, was on display in the car park.

Inspector Bob Champeau, said: “Whoever took him would have struggled to get him into an ordinary car.”


Wild? He’s livid!: the resin model was sat in the car park.

Nor was the model something you could hide under your jacket.

Snatched silverback

That is why the policeman thinks it is likely someone spotted the culprits making off with the pilfered primate.

‘Kong’s owners want him back on his perch soon as possible.

And Insp. Champeau, wants anyone who knows anything about the theft to get in touch.

Great ape


On the run: ‘Kong’s owners want him back.

People with information, or who saw the gorilla-lifters at work, should ring ‘101’, quoting incident 77, of November 9.

Information can also be given anonymously via Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111, or through their online form (click here).

No personal details are taken. Information cannot be traced, or recorded.

People giving information anonymously do not go to court.

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