Bell Inn will be rammed to the rafters again on November 5


Folk at Whittington's Bell Inn will have a hard time on November 5 topping their Fright Night Spooktacular.


Kissy, kissy!

Their 2016 Hallowe'en has already become the stuff of legend.

The quaint Main Street pub was so rammed with sweating bodies human flesh was squeezing out through cracks in the windows.


Face-spook was swamped next morning with "fantastics!" and "berrrilliants!"

So the heaving horde of apparitions, pumpkins, witches, undead, rotting corpses, ghosts and knobbly-headed things . . . and one parrot . . . seemed to have enjoyed it.

Boing! Round two


Yo ho m'hearties!

Scarcely able to catch their breath, hosts Laura and Tony will be up to their necks in revellers again this Saturday (November 5).

But the run up to their Fawkes Requiem Massive has not been plain sailing.

Locals responded to the Bell ringing for bonfire wood by dumping half of Epping Forest in the car park.

BellAn appeal had to be launched on social media begging people to stop.

Bell-ting night

Laura and Tony intend saying thanks for everyone's stupendous generosity by making Saturday's 'Bonfire Night' the best on record.

The timber mountain will  be set alight at 6pm.  The first rocket goes up at 8pm.

There will be live music throughout the evening.

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