Fabricant ‘delusional’ – Green claim

Michael Fabricant is ‘delusional’, says the chairman of Lichfield’s Green Party.


Forward thinking: Robert Pass.

The Tory MP celebrated the decision to build a third runway at Heathrow by calling for Gatwick and Birmingham airports to be expanded as well.

But the Greens’ Robert Pass, said Fabricant was “delusional” if he thought Britain could expand the three airports and meet its legal obligation to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

Get a grip

He said Fabricant needed to, “grasp the fact that we are living in a world that is being ravaged”.

The MP’s plan, said Pass, would be like, “throwing petrol on a bonfire and hoping for the best. We cannot continue, ‘business as usual’, with infinite growth in a finite world.”

Instead of increasing air travel, he said, it had to be reduced.

Reduce air travel

“Seventy per cent of flights were taken by just 15 per cent of air passengers,” he added, saying his party would introduce a ‘frequent-flyer’ tax.

Pass, born and raised in Whittington, said his party focused on protecting the environment for future generations.

He called for investment in renewable energy generation, increased energy efficiency, home insulation and getting people and freight onto ‘clean’ public transport.

The Greens’ chairman agreed with Fabricant’s wish to see more job creation.

Fabricant ‘delusional’

But he said it must not be at the cost of climate breakdown and an environmental nightmare.

Michael Fabricant: the Tory MP cannot see why people in charge of massive wagons should have to go through the rigours of an HGV test to get properly licensed.

‘Fabricant Delusional’: Lichfield’s Conservative MP.

Fabricant, whom it is believed will be quitting as an MP at the next general election, regularly boasts about his party’s record on employment.

But there is new evidence that his bragging is based on a lie.

Internationally renowned director Ken Loach made a forensic examination of Britain’s benefits system for his new Palm d’Or-winning movie, ‘I Danial Blake’.

Tories’ ‘conscious cruelty’

It reveals what the film maker claims is the, “conscious cruelty”, of the Tory politicians who created a system designed to deny help to the most vulnerable people in society.

He pointed to their Kafkaesque, “sanctions”, that could leave a struggling family penniless for up to three months because a claimant was a little late for an interview.

Claims call centre staff are told to recite from a script to people threatening suicide and screaming at them down the phone, saying: “It sounds like things are really tough for you at the moment.”

Loach claimed that the Tories were deliberately concealing the true number of people without jobs.

009 CROP

In the service of self-interest: accused of lying about property ownership to cling on to power, Tory councillor Michael Wilcox, also voted himself an inflation-busting pay rise while those less fortunate queue up at food banks.

He said it was not around two million, as the government claimed, but four million.

Loach condemned the Conservatives for creating a benefits system that forced people into food bank queues.


Lichfield’s Tory-led district council denied there was any need for a food bank in its area.

It was only when surrounding districts objected to people from the city turning to their food banks for help in feeding their children that one was established in Lichfield.

Lichfield’s councillors, led by Tory Michael Wilcox, have been accused of greed for voting themselves massive inflation-busting pay hikes while slashing public services, ramping up council tax and sacking employees.

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