New Whittington homes, jams ahead warn villagers

Residents fear eight new homes in the centre of Whittington will create more and worse traffic jams.


Home conversion: the school house, Main Street.

In 2010, Staffordshire County Council (SCC) seized its chance to make money by shutting down the village youth club.

Now the authority aims to cash in on the closure by selling off the property for housing.

High value homes

It is proposed the two former school buildings village youngsters used for recreation should be turned into high-value homes.

An education annexe next door to the school house, on Main Street, will be levelled to make way for three new, three-bed homes.

Dangerous access

SCC wants to build another trio of three-bed homes on the open land behind the school buildings, which currently comprises areas of grass and tarmac.

Villagers said SCC’s proposed housing designs were dreary and unimaginative.

But their main concern was about the development’s proposed access onto Church Street.


Prime building plot behind the youth club.

Heavy traffic and on-street parking already make the road hazardous.

Jams getting worse

These are both problems that are worsening throughout the centre of Whittington.

There is no way to relieve the situation by altering the road network.

So residents fear the cars from eight new homes fed into a choke point in the system through a dangerous access will make matters worse.

Village traffic levels have already been increased by personnel moving into the military medical base, off Common Lane.

Rat runs


County council cash cow: SCC had been waiting for years for an excuse to shut the youth club.

Increasing numbers of drivers from outside Whittington are also using its roads as ‘rat runs’.

Parents clogging up Common Lane by the local primary school add to the problem.

Whittington is also under threat from developers wanting to build new housing estates on its boundaries.

Community pays

It seems SCC’s drive to make cash at the community’s expense by selling off the youth club has created another problem.

There was fury at what was claimed to be the underhand way in which the politicians ‘fixed’ the facility’s closure.

SCC’s response to warnings from across the UK about shutting this important village amenity was to ignore them.


Since they shut the club there have been a number of serious incidents involving local youths.

There have recently been several arson attacks.  There is every chance more will follow.

Meanwhile, Shenstone is being plagued by a small group of out of control youths who are terrorising elderly residents.

Police failure

The police have known about the issue and the individuals involved for years but have failed to take effective action.

Now they are telling local residents they should deal with the problem themselves . . . by opening a youth club.

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