Wedding rings torn from 98-year-old’s hand

A robber tore two gold wedding rings from the hand of a helpless, bed-ridden 98-year-old woman with dementia.

It was such a vile crime Staffordshire Police struggled to find words to describe the thief’s actions.

wedding rings

Robber tore the wedding rings from her hand.

It has also made them determined to track down the dark-haired suspect who carried out the attack at his victim’s home, in Stone Road, Trentham.

October 21

The man, who was white and thought to be in his 20s or 30s, struck around mid-morning, on Friday, October 21.

The two rings he took were unusual in being welded together.  He also snatched a gold Saint Christopher pendant and a Wedgwood pendant, as well as some cash.

He left his elderly victim badly bruised, terribly distressed and in need of medical treatment.

Wedding rings

Detective Sergeant Cheryl Hannan, said: “To take rings from an elderly lady’s fingers is a truly atrocious and despicable act.

“She lost highly sentimental jewellery she has had for many, many years.

“This has had a profound effect on her.”

DS Hannan said the police were doing everything in their power to bring the robber to justice.

Possible link

It is the latest in a series of break-ins in the same area over the past few weeks.

The police believe they could be linked.  If they are, it could increase their chances of catching the thief.

They urged anyone offered jewellery from a suspect source to contact them.

They also reinforced their message to the public to remain vigilant and report to them any suspicious activity.

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