Burton murder attempt – two jailed

Two men will serve a total of 22 years in jail following an attempt to kill a man in Burton on Trent.


Tried to kill: Nadeem Akhtar.

Mr.Mohammed Aziz (50) suffered severe head and facial injuries during the attack and remains in hospital in a coma.

On October 13, Nadeem Akhtar (37), of Shobnall Street, Burton, was sentenced in Stafford Crown Court to 18 years imprisonment for attempted murder.

Mohammed Zufeer (27), of Horninglow Road North, received a four-year sentence for assisting an offender.

Walking home

On July 20, last year,  Mr. Aziz was walking home at night from a local shop.


Helped the offender: Mohammed Zufeer.

At around 10pm, the driver of a silver Ford Mondeo swerved across the road, mounted the pavement and deliberately ran into him.

Detectives found the vehicle next day in a car park at the Royal Oak pub, in Horninglow Road North.

Vehicle concealed

It was hidden under a sheet with its registration plates and windscreen removed.

Zufeer, of Horninglow Road North, was the vehicle’s insured driver.

Witnesses had seen him drive past the abandoned car.  He had also been seen discarding a black bin bag at the rear of a local takeaway.

Police found the bag to contain wet, freshly washed clothing.

Forensic examination

Despite being cleaned, the garments still held glass fragments from the Mondeo’s windscreen.

The evidence linked Akhtar to the car and the crime.

Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey, commander of East Staffordshire Local Policing Team, said the incident began with a dispute that was escalated by Akthar.

Meant to kill

He added that there was no doubt Akthar had intended to kill Mr. Aziz.

In his attempt to do so he devastated his victim’s family and left him fighting for his life, he said.

CI Maskrey said the incident had brought fear to the entire community.

He added: “We hope that by targeting the individuals involved we have put a stop to the activities of this small, criminal minority.”

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