Two jailed after vicious robbery

Two men have been jailed for a total of 14 years for an armed robbery at a shop in Wombourne.

Wayne Davies (41) of Washington Street, Birmingham, previously pleaded guilty to robbery at Stafford Crown Court and was today (September 9) sentenced to eight years imprisonment.


Wayne Davies.

Davies' co-accused, Jason Hateley (38), of Latham Crescent, Tipton, denied his involvement in the crime.

He stood trial earlier this year and was found guilty and jailed for six years.

At around 10.10pm, on Sunday, September 20, 2015, Davies entered Cost Cutter Stores, on Common Road.

Stanley knife slashing

He  attacked a staff member with a Stanley knife before stealing cash from the till.

His 21-year-old male victim, from Wolverhampton, suffered cuts to his head and face and was taken to Russell Hall Hospital, Dudley, for treatment.

While his injuries were not life threatening he was left shaken by his ordeal.


DS Ian Whitehouse, said: "We welcome today’s sentencing which brings this investigation to a close.

"This was a particularly nasty robbery which not only resulted in the loss of cash but left a man seriously injured, causing him a great deal of lasting distress.

"We issued an appeal for witnesses, mentioning a black Vauxhall Corsa seen near the shop at the time of the robbery.

Culprit's car

"A vigilant shopkeeper reported seeing a matching car in the West Midlands area.


Davies was betrayed by a tattoo.

"A man was seen acting suspiciously at his shop before getting into the vehicle.

"Thanks to the shopkeeper taking down the registration number of the car, we were able to trace it and the driver, Hateley, whom we were then able to place at the scene of the robbery.

Blood traces

"A forensic examination of the car revealed the blood of two people.  Some from the victim and unknown person.

"This unrecognised sample was analysed and proved to be a positive match for Davies.


Jason Hateley.

"CCTV images from the robbery also implicated Davies due to his unusual hand tattoos which could clearly be seen on the footage.

Caught on camera

"We also examined footage from the shop in Stourbridge where the Corsa was spotted.  The man seen acting suspiciously bore a striking resemblance to Davies. 

"After his arrest, we searched his home and found a balaclava, believed to be the one worn during the robbery.

"Despite the evidence against both men, Hateley continued to deny his involvement and was found guilty by a jury.

Davies pleaded guilty. Both men will be now be behind bars for the foreseeable future."

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