Record violent attacks on women

Crown Prosecution Service figures show violent attacks on women have reached alarming new record breaking levels.

Last year there were 117,568 recorded cases including rape and other attackssexual assaults.

But that could be the tip of the iceberg.

Citizens Advice warn that in homes across the country people are suffering all kinds of domestic abuse.


Chief executive Gillian Guy said incidents ranged from physical attacks to controlling behaviour.

They could include restricting people’s access to their own money, or using mind games to destroy someone’s self-esteem, she said.

And she added: “This all amounts to abuse. It is important victims are protected by making the perpetrators account for their crimes.”

Prosecutions increase

Ms. Guy welcomed the rise in prosecutions against abusers.

attacksBut she said it was important to encourage victims to report coercive control – prosecutions for this type of offence were far too low.

She also wanted efforts made to help families and friends learn how to spot the signs of abuse against people they knew.

40 per cent unaware

Ms. Guy added that 40 per cent of people were not aware that domestic abuse could have a financial side the law now sees as a crime.

The police also have a role to play.

They can help victims by recognising the signs of abuse and offering victims support,

Measures such as Domestic Violence Protection Orders can make it safer for victims to stay in their own home without their abusers.

To contact Citizens Advice click here for information.

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