Whittington arsonists went equipped, claim

Whoever torched tables in Whittington’s Countryside Fair marquee must have gone equipped with pints of petrol, it is claimed.


Arsonist: failed to destroy the marquee.

And when the culprits left the scene sometime overnight, on September 1, their clothes must have stunk.

Youths have started fires and destroyed property in the village before.


So it could be if youngsters were involved this time their parents will have noticed.

The police have asked anyone with information to ring 101, quoting incident 175, of September 2.

Twenty-five, 6ft-long trestle tables were destroyed in the fire.


They were around five feet from the tent wall.  A huge scorch mark was left on the sloping canvas top.

It seems the arsonists aimed to destroy the marquee.

But fire retardant in the fabric stopped it igniting.

Even so, the cost of the damage is likely to be high.


In previous years, military cadets have camped on the show site overnight and would have put off attacks.

This time it seems no one was around to raise the alarm when the arsonists struck.

Hall attacked

It is understood the incident follows a break-in at Whittington’s church hall during the weekend of August 27.

Items belonging to a children’s group are believed to have been stolen.

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