Extra Energy – ‘Cheap but rubbish’

Power firm Extra Energy is scoring nearly twice as many points on the Citizens Advice ‘complaint-ometer’ than it has customers.

The charity rates companies by the seriousness of the complaints against them and how long they take to sort out.

The Birimgham-based supplier managed to clock up a staggering 1,791 points per 1,000 bill payers.

Extra Aggravation

Extra Energy was created in May, 2012.  A the end of 2014, extra energyone online reviewer was calling it, “untrustworthy”, “cheap but rubbish”, with, “lousy customer service”.

Now Citizens Advice says Israeli director Mordechay Ben-Moshe’s enterprise, on Hagley Road, has succeeded in performing 80 times worse than the best in the sector.

The charity also says the gap between Britain’s top and bottom performers in their market league is the biggest it has ever been.

Extra Energy

Countless thousands of people say Extra Energy and other firms are failing to get their billing right.

They pile on the stress and misery by being almost impossible to contact and then by not sorting things out for customers who do manage to get through.

Co-operative Energy was second from bottom with a dismal 850 points per 1,000 customers.

In 18th place in the league of 21 companies, Npower looks to be improving with 380 points, down from 659 in the previous quarter.

Massive penalty

Yet last December, the watchdog,  Ofgem, ordered the company to pay £26 million over its appalling performance.

Each million pounds stood like a candle on the 26th anniversary birthday cake of Margaret Thatcher’s privatisation of the electricity industry.

Before 1989, companies such as the Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board had networks of shops throughout their regions.

Consumers could pay bills, make enquiries, lodge complaints and seek advice face to face over the counter.

Removed humanity

Margaret Thatcher made rich business people a lot richer. But she also broke the human link between the utilities and their customers.

Since then there has been a catalogue of scandals in the industry involving sharp practice, fraudulent sales tactics, blizzards of deliberately baffling energy tariffs and overcharging on an industrial scale.

More than a quarter of a century after privatisation, Ofgem chief executive, Dermot Nolan, said Npower had failed its customers.

Chaotic company

He said their billing and complaint handling were, “chaotic”, and their customers, “treated poorly”.

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