Barking mad breeders – did they really need telling?

Whittington animal lovers have slammed the leaders of British dog breeding as barking mad.

There was outrage this year when a German shepherd dog that seemed all but crippled won ‘best in breed’ at Crufts.

Now the Kennel Club has changed its rules so dogs must be able to stand unsupported.


barking mad

Craughaire Catoria: it seemed to some that her hindquarters had collapsed and she was in pain.

A local dog lover said people producing ever more deformed animals to win awards and make cash from selling “fashionably” shaped breeds were abhorrent.

Another ‘Phoenix’ reader said when the ruling body had to insist animals were able to stand up by themselves it showed how sick the dog show world had become.

“Surely, no one who cares about animals should ever need to be told something like that,” she added.

Craughaire Catoria’s owners were even accused of animal cruelty.

Barking mad

She has been bred so her back that slopes down from her shoulders.  That results in her short rear legs extending out unnaturally behind her.

She looked to be in pain as she trotted uneasily around the show ring.

Before the judge came to inspect the German shepherd her handler had to pull the dog’s back legs forward.

Hyperactive too

A commentator reportedly said Craughhaire was so hyperactive she could not have moved properly even if she had been capable of it.

The Kennel Club’s ‘standard’ for German shepherds now says the dogs, “must be capable of standing comfortably and calmly, freely and unsupported in any way, in structural balance, whilst both rear pasterns are vertical.”

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