Axing Lichfield’s ‘community transport’


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Lichfield’s Tory councillors are axing a service to, ‘make sure it meets local needs’.


Axing community transport service: Douglas Pullen.

Councillor Douglas Pullen uses that bizarre logic in a letter telling disadvantaged people he aims to disadvantage them even more.

He has voted himself an inflation-busting 5.7 per cent rise in his own allowances.

To balance the books, Lichfield District Council’s (LDC) ‘community’ member aims to scrap the subsidised ‘community’ transport service.

But he urges users not to worry when it disappears in December.

Full commercial rate

He says there are plenty of people willing to charge them the full rate for a minibus ride.

The irony will not be lost on those who rely on LDC’s ‘community transport’.

The point of creating the service 15 years ago was to help people get around who were socially excluded, or poor, or physically, or mentally handicapped.

It also relies on and trains volunteers as drivers.

Axing training

That training and pool of  helpers will be lost to communities once Pullen’s socially divisive cuts take effect.


Susan Woodward voted herself a whopping great rise.

Many people who rely on the service can look forward to increasing isolation, particularly the elderly and those living in remote areas.

The Tory councillor claims his proposal to scrap the subsidised service still has to be discussed – its loss is not a done deal.

Foregone conclusion?

Yet LDC’s record on service and job cuts, the Tory ‘cabinet’s glaring democratic deficiency and the lack of any effective opposition, suggests it is.

Let’s not forget that when Pullen gave himself a 5.7 per cent pay hike, Labour ‘leader’, Sue Woodward and her deputy voted themselves an extra 20.6 per cent.


Eric’s brave fight against the rising tide of greed wound up in the Drink-water.

Like a latter day King Canute vainly fighting back the unstoppable tide of rising councillor greed, old stager Eric Drinkwater called their cash grab, “morally obscene”.

LDC’s ‘cabinet’, led by Michael Wilcox, who wants to charge disabled drivers for parking, is due to meet on September 6.

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