Burton kebab shop could face £20,000 fine

A Burton kebab business could be facing a £20,000 fine for allegedly employing an ‘illegal worker’.


Acting on intelligence.

The 30 year old Pakastani had an outstanding immigration application but no right to work in this country.

To avoid the penalty, the owners of Kebab Village must show they followed the right ‘pre-employment’ checks before taking him on.

Among the things employers should do is check people’s passports, or their Home Office documents showing they have the right to work in Britain.

Task force

A team of 26 officials descended on premises across the town, on August 23.

They were following up intelligence leads into suspected regulation compliance failures.

The team included licensing and enforcement officers as well as environmental health, housing standards and immigration personnel.

Nine premises were given a clean bill of health.

Under the microscope

Eight were, “given advice”.  Four were earmarked for follow-up investigations over issues including breaches of licence conditions and refuse build-ups.

Five food ‘establishments’ were checked.  It is likely enforcement action will be taken against two of them in respect of their associated residential accommodation.

An investigation has also begun at one business into alleged breaches of ‘smoke-free’ legislation.

Prime importance

Deputy leader for regulatory services at East Staffordshire Borough Council, Jacqui Jones, said: “The health, safety and well being of our residents are of great importance.”

That was why, she explained, so many officers were involved in the joint local authority and immigration service operation, led by Staffordshire Police.

A police spokesman, said it was part of ongoing efforts to reassure the public that a watch was being kept to make sure businesses complied with regulatory and safety laws.

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