Caring Tamworth increases free disabled parking

Tamworth Borough Council is honouring its pledge to look after ‘blue badge’ holders by creating more free parking spaces.

Eight disabled parking bays will disappear for good from a town car park, on Monday, September 5.

The closure will allow archaeologists to check what lies beneath the tarmac.


A sign that Tamworth cares: councillors are honouring a pledge to create more free spaces for disabled drivers.

Once their exploration is complete restoration and development work can begin on the town’s Assembly Rooms and Library.

Tamworth honours pledge

It might have been bad news for disabled drivers but for a promise made by their borough councillors to create more free disabled parking elsewhere.

Councillor Steve Claymore said they had tried to put the new spaces where people said they were needed.

So more provision is being made at sites including the Aldergate, Church Lane, Hospital Street and Spinning School Lane car parks.

Coun. Claymore, said: “We always promised to provide more new disabled parking spaces than will be lost.”

Disabled thanked for their support

He added that he was very grateful to the blue badge holders who helped the council decide where best to put them.

Tamworth’s caring attitude towards the disabled is in stark contrast to that further up the A5.


Part-time clerk tried to impose charges on disabled drivers: Councillor Colin Greatorex.

Lichfield District Council (LDC) ‘leader’, Michael Wilcox, appears determined to charge disabled people for parking.

Public want them charged – Greatorex

His fellow councillor, Colin Gratorex, claims the public actively want disabled people to be charged.

A threat of a formal complaint from Staffordshire County Council has stopped the two Tories imposing the fees for the time being.

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