Lichfield’s Greatorex says charge disabled parkers

Lichfield district Tory councillor Colin Greatorex, says people with serious infirmities do no expect free parking.


The part-time clerk who voted himself an inflation-busting pay hike wants to charge the disabled to park their cars. It seems he also aims to get elected to the county council that scared him off trying to impose his new parking fees: Colin Greatorex.

Disabled does not mean poor, he adds.

He even claims the residents of Lichfield positively want disabled drivers to be charged for parking.

In Colin Greatorex’s view, to let a crippled woman who cannot work park her car for free is to treat her as a, “second class citizen”.

Greatorex scared off

It was only a threat of formal objections from Staffordshire County Council that scared the part-time clerk off trying to force charges on the disabled.

But that is not the end of it.

His Tory ‘leader’, part-time HSBC banker Michael Wilcox, reportedly said, “We will hold off on this but will look again at the implications to see if it is something we may want to do in future.”

Anti-social excesses

There is growing alarm at the anti-social excesses of Lichfield District Council (LDC).

Wilcox and his fellow Tories habitually force increases in council tax to the maximum amount possible.


He seemed to lie for political and financial gain. He voted himself an inflation-busting pay rise. It seems he wants to charge the disabled to park their cars: Michael Wilcox.

There was concern when he cost the taxpayers thousands of pounds by adding yet more people to his ‘cabinet’, allegedly to pay off political favours.

Snouts in the trough

They have also voted themselves massive inflation-busting hikes in their own allowances while slashing public services and getting rid of staff.

Labour councillor, Eric Drinkwater, called the Tory move, “morally obscene”.

Members of an independent panel of pay advisers were appalled. They raised concerns about the council’s accounting procedures.

Seems to have lied

Wilcox also seems to have lied to cling on to power and the public money with which he lines his pockets.

In a leaked email he said he qualified to stay on as ‘leader’ after he left the district to live in East Staffordshire because he owned a property in the district.

But LDC legal officer Baljit Nahal then said he did not own any land.

They want Wilcox replaced

That raised questions since Wilcox claimed to have taken her advice and guidance about his job before saying he did own a property.

Now it seems that was a lie as well.

LDC insiders say they want Wilcox replaced.

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