Creeping erosion of your legal rights


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Wake up to the creeping erosion of legal rights to justice handed down to you through history.

The Magna Carta decreed: “To no one will we sell, deny or delay right or justice.”

Yet that is exactly what the Tory government has done by charging people to use the tribunal system.

This attack on people’s right to justice is doing two things.

Legal rights denied

It is denying the most vulnerable people in society their rights in law.

And it is encouraging the rich and unscrupulous to abuse their power over ordinary citizens.

Tribunals enable workers to defend themselves against employers who cheat and discriminate against them.

But, in 2011, the Tories forced people to pay fees to access the system.

The number of employment tribunals has since plummeted by 70 per cent.

Challenges against companies unlawfully taking money from employees’ wages have dropped by 56 per cent.

Unfair dismissal cases have fallen by 72 per cent.

There have been 68 per cent fewer sex, and 60 per cent fewer racial, discrimination cases.

No Damascene conversion

Employers did not become saints overnight.  It is because their employees cannot afford the tribunal fees and do not know who to turn to for advice.

And if ever there was a ‘green light’ for bosses to abuse workers, this is it!

Yet the Tories’ continual ratcheting up of social injustice may bring results they have not bargained for.

The division in British society between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ is growing exponentially.

Rip-off Britain

That byword for greed, Sir Philip Green, ladled hundreds of millions of pounds into his pockets while paving the way for 11,000 BHS employees to lose their jobs.

Food banks are a permanent fixture in wealthy, Tory-controlled Lichfield, a part of the fifth richest economy in the world.

Seven per cent of NHS provision has been sold off.

The probation service is being privatised while prisons are critically understaffed.

Legal aid is being slashed and court buildings sold off.

Schools are being taken over wholesale by private companies.

Young people can no longer afford to buy homes to live in.

Britain’s banking system is deliberately geared to burden households with ever more debt.

All powerful

The powerful have their boots on the country’s neck.

Ordinary people’s anger at the cynical way in which they are treated led to ‘Brexit’.

Their decision to leave the EU for many was not based on any clear understanding of the facts.

Both sides in the debate lied out their self-serving hearts, dragging British politics into a gutter of unprecedented depth.

Instead, the vote reflected the frustration of millions of disenfranchised people who feel government neither listens to, nor cares about them.

Democracy betrayed

Vested interests in big business and among the political elite aim to overturn the nation’s democratic decision by re-running the referendum to get a result that suits them.

‘Project Fear’ continues unabated.

But when people are abused in this way their political masters ought beware the consequences.

Ask King John.

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