George Osborne’s integrity – what’s it worth?

A 13-year-old letter has revealed just what sacked Chancellor George Osborne’s integrity is worth.

After he threatened people with a punishment budget if they voted ‘Brexit’, PM Theresa May culled him and the rest of the Tories’ elitist ‘Nottinghill’ clique.

One jubilant MP whooped: “The posh boys have gone!”


Janus: the two faces of George Osborne.

Journalist Isabel Oakeshott, said: “Until two days ago, the most important decisions facing the nation were taken by a group of privately educated friends in their 40s who live in the same expensive part of West London, hang out at the same parties, holiday together and are godparents to each other’s children.”

And yet in 2003, one 17-year-old might have been fooled into thinking George Osborne had a social conscience.

Unfair tax on learning

He told Rosie Williams in a letter that tuition fees were a, “very unfair tax on learning”, the Tories would scrap.

There was, “lots of evidence”, they stopped poor people going to university,” he said.

“Education,” he went on, “will once again be free for students.

“Thanks to people like you speaking out,” Osborne stressed, “students will get a fair deal.”

Nasty Party

Osborne, who vied with J. Hunt and M. Gove to be, ‘Parliament’s Nastiest Piece of Work’, told Rosie of his own halcyon days.

He could relax while guzzling Champange at Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club because, of course, his education, “was free”.

George unaccountably dumped his uber-posh birth name ‘Gideon’.

George’s ‘U’-turn

And in 2010 he did something else Rosie would have thought odd – he voted to raise students’ tuition fees to £9,000.


The Tory ‘Nottinghill Set’ share similarities with the Mafia – they are inseparable, they hang out together, they party together, they holiday together, they are godparents to each other’s children. Maybe they are not murderers. But Osborne’s ‘austerity’ has been blamed for people committing suicide.

He was also the architect of ‘austerity’ and the crushing effect it is having on poor people, some of whom it has driven to suicide.

‘Gideon Oliver’ Osborne has also forced nurses to pay for their training.

Forced debt

By scrapping their grants and making them take out loans he is forcing them into debt along with other students.

The Tories have now scrapped the £9,000 cap on tuition fees and from now on they will rise every year.

Last May, before Osborne was scrapped, he was still defending the skyrocketing debts students were having to bear.

He was also blaming everyone but his own government for the situation and claiming record numbers of, “disadvantaged”, students were going to university.

The figures disagree

Yet Department for Education figures just out show that after fees went up to £9,000, the number of state educated students going to university fell by four per cent.

From 2012 to 2014 the number fell by nine per cent against 2009/10 figures.

Education not for poor people

National Union of Students vice-president, Sorana Vieru, said poorer people were getting the message that, “university isn’t for people like them”.

Rosy Williams was forced out of higher education because she could not afford to continue.

She said the Tory policy was, “outrageous”, fees were, “astronomical”, many people could not afford to learn.

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