Health Secretary – secret cuts plan exposed

health secretary

Right behind you.

By lineThere 'May' have been a change at the top, but Hunt remains a Health Secretary, says an alarmed national campaign group.

Organisers at '38 Degrees' are blowing the whistle on, "top-secret", plans to slash vital NHS services throughout Staffordshire and across the country.

Suspicions about Tory PM Theresa May's reasons for keeping in her Cabinet one of the most hated politicians of modern times seem to be coming true.

Switchblade politics

Health Secretary

Loathed: Jeremy Hunt.

She has already revealed her ruthlessness and cunning.

How better to deal with troublesome Brexiteer Boris than by making him Foreign Secretary and popping him on a plane to Beijing?

And what better way to avoid the blame for the next heartless Tory attack on the NHS than using Jeremy Hunt as your human shield.

Health Secretary despised

The Health Secretary is already reviled throughout the medical profession and despised by countless voters. His approval rating can hardly sink any lower.

But his capacity for damaging the nation's health and morale remains as potent as ever.

His latest masterpiece is yet another major NHS reorganisation concocted behind closed doors.

Hunt's 'Footprints'

Just before Christmas Hunt engineered the creation of 44 local health economy, "footprints", covering the country.

The "footprint" management bodies have the job of making politically toxic decisions in secret.

Their "senior leaders" have to make a total of £22 billion worth of, 'savings', by 2020 - a target nearly everyone involved says simply means more vicious cuts.

Tactics of deceit

Hunt's plan it to use the "footprints" as cover to make it seem that May's government is only involved at arms length and so not to blame.

It seems his goals are service downgrades, staff cuts, and A&E and other department closures.

The plans for one "footprint" were leaked revealing Hunt's intention to axe 500 hospital beds.

Public duped

It seems taxpayers are to be blinded to what is happening by claims that disappearing services will still be provided elsewhere, "in the footprint".

Neither the public, nor Parliament, has been consulted about Hunt's scheme.

Nor does it seem there will be any formal mechanism for challenging decisions made by the, "footprint senior leaders".

Your health for sale

Critics believe Hunt's latest deceitful action is part of his ongoing privatisation of the NHS by stealth as ever more services are sold off to people bent on profit.

Observers have long warned that Cameron, and now Theresa May, is set on 'defunding' the health service until it is totally wrecked.

At that point it is believed they will say, "we told you it wasn't sustainable", and complete the NHS's wholesale privatisation.

If that happens it will fulfil the pledge Cameron was caught making behind closed doors when he first came to power, to, "turn the NHS into a great business", whose primary purpose is to make profit.

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