Nic and Debbie



Here's a duo who claim they do it for the pleasure, not the cash.

God knows why.  They could blow any number of professional bands I have seen over the years straight off the stage.

Especially when they turn up mob-handed with their full ensemble (Out Of The Blue).

The taster of ‘Torn’ (below) probably tells us why. I’m no fan of acoustics played through a pick-up and amp. But there's no doubting the person behind this one knows the trade.

Honeyed tones

Yet far more important on this track is the sunset-mellow voice Debbie Morse lays over the top of it.

Personally, I prefer her treatment of the 1993 Cutler/Preven/Thornalley number to the cover Natalie Imbruglia deftly popped into the ‘1’ and ‘2’ slots in the charts across Europe, in 1997.

Nic and Debbie perform a lot around Leicestershire and sometimes come to play in sainted Staffordshire.



I've pointed out to them where Alrewas is on the map.

So I hope one day they will show up at Martin Ryan's 'Dog House Folk Club, at the Royal British Legion Club. So who knows.

Find out more about them here.





'Better Than a Dream'