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Claire D. Simone

Reviews: a new feminist author with close ties to Whittington who tells it like it is, even if it makes you wince, boys.

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Martin Ryan

Serial: Alrewas author and folk legend Martin Ryan's sometimes horrifying, and sometimes hilarious, tale of abuse at the hands of the pious and trying to stay alive in 1940s Southern Ireland.

Part 1

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  1. Full House again at the Royal British Legion Club, Alrewas, for our Monthly Folk Club sing-along on May the 3rd. Once more we had to use the second “Overspill” room that is supposed to be for the Legion Club members, but is becoming more and more, an over spill room to accommodate our “Folk” audience,What a great night we had. Eric Thacker from our old five piece Band “Misty” turned up to Join Stef and Martin on stage throughout the evening, with his faithful guitar, making music that only the very best in the music business, could hope to come near in terms of music playing style.In addition to Stef and Martin, we had a galaxy of great floor singers (Honoured Guests), including; Pete, Dave, Bill Naughton ,Louise and Jayne, Nick and Debbie, (Who were brilliant) and apologies for any I may have let slip my mind. Stef gave us his newly self-penned song(A drink to end the night……It’s a cracker and the audience loved it. We may end up using it to finish every session we do. We almost had a friend of mine, that some readers may recognise (Gareth Griffiths) do a spot for us also, but he chickened out at the last minute——Ha Ha)
    A long summer break now, but it will go so quickly–At least if you are anything like my age. .Next folk season starts Tuesday 6th Sept.(Get it in your diary)
    Hoping to see all our many regulars on Tuesday the 6th of Sept.
    Thanks to all our regulars for a wonderful season, and Stef and I wish you all a great summer and look forward to our next attack on the folk World of music and song on Sept. 6th.

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